Spatial Archive

ATREE has been using geospatial data sets from its inception. Extensive spatial data sets have been generated through various projects at the Ecoinformatics/GIS Lab. ATREE spatial archive is an attempt to create a platform for sharing all the spatial data available at Ecoinformatics Lab within the ATREE community. Large part of this archive is accessible for everyone at ATREE. Project outputs need permission from respective PIs.

Information on this portal can be accessed in 2 ways. One is through the categorized layer tree on the left side bar and the other way is through the random search button at the top of the map. The information on this portal is organized into different categories like Thematic, Imagery, DEM, Toposheets. The Thematic layers are further sub-categorized into Administration, Vegetation, Stream, Roads, Biodiversity ...etc. These Sub-categories are further subdivided at geographical scales into Worldwide, Nationwide, Statewide and Regionwide information.

The portal has a number of tools to visualize the spatial data and information regarding these tools are available in the help document.